Eleanor's Trousers

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The working girl's dilemma

Once upon a time, there was girl named Eleanor. Eleanor, at age 30, had lived a long life and seen many interesting places and things, and worked over 52 jobs. No lie. And had she suffered ill effects from all this moving about? Not really. Oddly, she was considered very experienced in a wide variety of fields. And interesting. And continually increased her income until she found herself in a career one day. A high paying career. A career that she hated. Every day she woke up and got out of bed and went to her office and picked up her folders and produced what was asked of her and was overpaid and overeducated and hated every minute of it.

So, what did our heroine do? Not much so far. Let's see where her adventures in figuring out life after thirty take her, shall we? Follow along....